Greetings Dear Players!

We are excited to provide you with more details about the three fantastic reward options available in our Rewarding Tool Dapp.

Use your hard-earned MGS (MyGreenScore) tokens wisely and enhance your gaming experience with these rewards.

⚠ Important Notice ⚠

Before attempting to redeem your MGS tokens, please ensure the Game is completely closed.

If the Game is still running, even in another tab, your reward might be lost due to how the Game is developed.

Additionally, if you have the Rewarding Tool open in a tab and then play the Game to create a new card, make sure to refresh the Rewarding Tool page and log in again to see the new card.

Reward #1: MGS to Resources

Convert your MGS tokens into essential in-game resources to keep your Town thriving!

This option is perfect for boosting your building and upgrade capabilities in the game.

Here’s how it works:

The minimum amount of resource you can request is 1000 units.

Below you can find the units to MGS ratio:

  • Concrete: 1000 units costs 0.1 MGS
  • Metals: 1000 units costs 0.15 MGS
  • Crystals: 1000 units costs 0.2 MGS
  • Diesel Barrels: 1000 units costs 0.1 MGS

Reward #2: Card Rarity Upgrade

Enhance the rarity of your cards using MGS tokens.

As the Town’s space if limited you want to occupy it with the best possible Cards!

The MGS Costs for Upgrading a Card’s Rarity can be found below:

  • From Common to Special: 3 MGS
  • From Special to Rare: 5 MGS
  • From Rare to Mythic: 8 MGS
  • From Mythic to Legendary: 12 MGS

You can upgrade your Card’s Rarity multiple levels in one go, but note that the MGS Cost is adaptive.

For instance, upgrading a Card from Common to Legendary requires 28 MGS.

Reward #3: Enable Special Card

As you probably already know, when a SP Card is used and it expires it’s not removed.

It simply becomes “unusable “Disabled” (unusable), this Reward is here to fix it!

For the Cost of 2 MGS Tokens, you can re-enable a Disabled SP Card.

Enjoy Your Rewards!

We hope these rewards enhance your gameplay and help you progress faster in the game.

Your feedback is always appreciated, so let us know how these options are working for you.

Thank you for your time and support!

Best regards,
The Development Team 👨‍💻