GENERA will empower public authorities of the islands to develop realistic roadmaps and plans, to facilitate their implementation, to enjoy the benefits of creating a community for best practices exchange and to bring societies to work together with authorities towards the energy transition GENERA partners will guide public authorities in the development and update of policy scenarios, roadmaps and SEAPs/SECAP through 

  •  teaching the appropriate personnel,
  • bringing the relevant actors from different islands and countries together to exchange experiences and best – practices and
  • delivering MOOCs in order to reach a continuously expanding audience
  • Delivery of Energy Transition Monitoring Tools that will be used in the municipalities/regions with the assistance of local experts involved in the consortium and also assessed by a high number of additional organisations that will be recruited in GENERA community
  • Proliferation of entities that develop SECAPs, Sustainable Energy Roadmaps and Clean Energy Agendas aligned with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and Smart Cities & Communities, the Clean Energy for EU islands initiative, Energy Efficiency Directives and the 3rd EU Energy Package
  • Delivery and establish tailored multi-means continuous capacity building program targeting citizens and professionals working either with public authorities or industry and more specifically different parts of the industry affecting the energy transition.
  • Delivery of a digital social platform for citizens and local actors aiming to raise awareness on the significance of energy transition providing specific digital tools (i.e. forums, serious social games etc)
  • Achievement of International Visibility and sustainability by advertising and deploying all GENERA offerings among the different municipalities participating in the consortium which cover more than 1,600,000 residents and municipalities