D2.1 Comprehensive report on Island Dynamics

Provides the relevant stakeholders, actual policies and regulatory, actor’s perception of energy transition and potential opportunities for funding.


D3.1 GENERA ET Monitoring tools description

Defines the technical specifications of the tools and user requirements. And prepares the user manual for the monitoring tools.


D3.2 Pilots Description and Results

Reports on the pilots’ activities, including feedback and suggestions for improvement.


D4.1 Road-mapping needs, typology, Island-specific recipes

Reports the outcomes of sustainable energy road-mapping with respect to the island typology and specific needs of the diverse local authorities in the different stages of the energy transition process and the development of island specific roadmap and SECAPS.


D4.2 Results and lessons learnt

Reports all the activities that take place in the context of the WP4 “Sustainable Energy Road-mapping” which include the revision and refinement of all the outcomes of all tasks (typology, recipes, needs of local authorities, SECAPs). It also analyses the results and lessons learnt of the SECAPs production based on the recipes.


D5.2 Results, lessons learnt and replication guidelines

Reports the results from the MOOCs and webinars/roadshows in order to define guidelines for easy replication in other areas.


D6.3 Citizens engagement assessment and replication guidelines

Reports the outcomes of all tasks of this WP, the results with respect to citizen engagement and the improvement that can be spotted relevant to GENERA DSP.


D7.1 Communication and dissemination plan

Describes the dissemination and communication strategy, target audiences and communication tools of the project.