Dear Players,

We are excited to announce a new opportunity for you to share your feedback and earn rewards!

We have created a quick survey using Google Forms to gather your valuable insights about our game.

Here’s everything you need to know:

About the Survey

Duration: The survey consists of only 12 questions and should take around 2 minutes to complete.

Topics: The questions cover various aspects of the game, aiming to understand your experience and gather suggestions for future improvements.

Integration with the Game

Live Updates: The survey is connected to our game’s database.

As responses come in, the total number of responses and the average rating will be displayed at the bottom right section of the Game’s Home page.

This ensures transparency and keeps you informed about the community’s feedback.

Earn 50 MGS Tokens

To show our appreciation for your participation, we are offering 50 MyGreenScore (MGS) tokens to everyone who completes the survey.

These tokens can be used for various in-game rewards through our Rewarding Tool Web Application.

Final Question: At the end of the survey, you will be asked to enter your crypto wallet public address.

This is necessary to send you the 50 MGS tokens.

Make sure to enter it correctly to receive your reward.

How to Participate

  1. Access the Survey: Click here to take the survey.
  2. Complete the Questions: Answer all 12 questions honestly and thoroughly.
  3. Submit Your Wallet Address: Enter your crypto wallet public address in the final question.
  4. Receive Your Tokens: After submitting, you will receive 50 MGS tokens.

Your Feedback Matters

Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve the game and provide a better experience for everyone.

We appreciate your time and effort in completing the survey and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you for your continued support and happy gaming!

Best regards,
The Development Team 👨‍💻